Birthday Party Ideas for Men – Bond…James Bond

Birthday Party Ideas for Men – Bond…James Bond

What do you do if you need birthday party ideas for men?   Michelle of Party Plan-It had a brilliant idea when deciding to host a bash for her husband’s 40th birthday, a James Bond Party.  What man on the “Plan-It” doesn’t want to feel like James Bond on his birthday?   Michelle was kind enough to allow me to show off some of her photos of inspired ideas.  She started by photo shopping her husband’s image into a James Bond type pose.  She then incorporated this image into everything from the invitations and a framed table decoration and cookies and the birthday cake.

A sweet table to “die for” Michelle offered a variety of goodies in such a creative way.

If you like your martini’s shaken and want to create quite a stir, you will find lots of inspiration with these martini theme Rice Krispie Treats.

You will find many more ideas with the complete party on Party Plan-It.     Of course, if you need party favors, here is an elegant martini bottle stopper.

More birthday party ideas for men:

“Grumpy Old Man” Party: This is an acceptable theme for any man who is older than thirty, as it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate while gently teasing the party boy.  Each centerpiece should be something that reminds people of retirement activities, such as fishing rods or bowling balls with flowers in them.  During the party, show guests a slideshow of the birthday boy as he is growing up, becoming older and grumpier.  The funnier the pictures, the more entertaining the slideshow will be, and the more memorable your party.

“Man of the Hour” Party: This party should be centered on clocks, and should have black and white decorations with an accent color of your choice.  (Bright blue or yellow, or metallic colors, such as silver, gold, or bronze, make excellent accents.)  Hang clocks from the walls, and have them serve as centerpieces on each table.  If you have a dance floor, consider drawing a clock face in the center and having numbers line the edges.  (This will make for wonderful pictures as well.)

Superhero Party: Quite the opposite of the Grumpy Old Man party, this celebration is meant to bring the man of honor back to his childhood.  Whether it’s Batman, Superman, or Iron Man, you’ll want to decorate with his favorite superhero.  You may even wish to purchase cardboard cutouts of the superhero for a photo op.  Ask guests to sign a guestbook in which they write a special note to the birthday boy telling him how he has been like a superhero to them.  This will be the best birthday present of all.

You Ought to be in Pictures: The theme for this party is photographs.  Display images of the guest of honor in different ways, from a wall photo collage to a picture frame with lots of photos.