Blue and Brown Teddy Bear Baby Shower

Blue and Brown Teddy Bear Baby Shower

Blue and brown is one of the trending combinations in decorating for babies. There is something adorably innocent about this mix, and Iryna Belinovich of RedBalloon Events decided to put this classic combination to work at a fantastic baby shower. Join us for a huge dose of cute and cuddly fun at this beautiful party.

Look at this delightful sweet buffet. Striped Blue and white fabric and brown curtains on either side form the backdrop. A cheerful bunting in a mix of patterns drifts on it. An assortment of darling teddy bears, including two huggable oversized furry ones are part of the decor. Deep, dark brown contrasts with the soft hues of blue throughout, and Iryna has played with a blend of textures and patterns to create an enchanting mix. Soft blue tulle skirts the striped table in wispy waves, and every item including the beautiful flower arrangement in the pretty brown bassinet, the ornately framed photo of the mother and the charming teddy bear cake perfectly compliment the theme.

The fondant cake harmoniously marries blue, white and brown on its two tiers. The striped upper tier and spotted lower tier have cute teddies bouncing off, even as each tier is finished off with a white  bow. Delicious swirls of chocolate frosting decorate cupcakes in turquoise cases, and are topped with blue beads to perfectly match the cake.

An assortment of sweets in interesting little containers form splendid party favors. The guests are welcome to enjoy little feeding bottles filled with chocolate kisses, bright blue candy in tiny white candy buckets or cake pops crafted into blue and brown teddy bears. A three-tier rack displays a range of party favors, with sweets in elegant sky blue boxes on the lower rack, and white card containers shaped like little shoes with colorful spots, on the top .

Take a look at this cosy corner for the Mom-to-be! Bundles of balloons in shades of blue and brown frame the cane chair which is decorated with cool blue fabric.  An adorable bear holds up the “Reserved for Mom-to-be” sign.

Beside the space reserved for mom-to-be, is a table with wine glasses. Each of these is customized for the party with lettering in bright blue and pretty satin bows wrapping the encrusted stems.

Resting in a lace wrapped crib are more furry teddies. Blue and yellow hydrangea clusters pop out of the ends of a staff draped with blue and white polka dot satin forming a pleasant display!

Wasn’t that a perfect baby shower? I’m certain the mom-to-be will always look back on this special day fondly, and all the guests will remember the exceptional welcome that was extended to the little baby, who is to soon arrive.