Board Game Party

Board Game Party

Of all of the birthday themes available, having a board game party is a popular one.    If you are looking for game night  ideas, you hit the jackpot.  Alexandra of  Enchanted Events and Design created a wonderful birthday party for her husband and close friend who happen to share birthdays around the same time.    She was kind enough to allow me to share many of  her ideas, creations and photos.

Board Game Table: This not only ties the entire party together, but it serves as a decorative center for entertainment.  Large colorful boxes are stacked on top of each other and encourage interaction.  Guests can choose to grab a box and play any of the games; empty tables have been set up throughout the room to encourage this.  (Note that the hostess has included the guests of honors’ favorite games in the pile for an added bit of personalization.)

Food Table: This table is the focal point of the room and is decorated to remind guests of a board game.  A fun children’s rug that looks like a small town sets the backdrop, and the orange and green tablecloth tie the table in with the party colors.  Potted flowers line the back of the table, and matching white trays hold up many of the snack items.  These trays are in numerous shapes and sizes, which adds a layer of depth to the table and creates an air of sophistication.

Snacks: This table is a combination of sweet and savory treats for guests to enjoy.  Green and orange paper plates and napkins are held in a small white basket in the corner and allow guests to grab as many of the finger foods as they would like.  Each of the food is labeled with a card that looks as though it came directly from a board game, and many of the desserts are decorated to look like game pieces.    The photo below shows a parallel universe…one where cookies match the actual game pieces from Carcassonne.

As reminder that this is a birthday party game theme decorations as well as the age of the guests of honor tops some of the cupcakes.

One of the most clever desert displays is the brownie checker bites.  An actual glass checkerboard was used as  a platter with brownies strategically placed as checkers.

Even sandwiches were tied into the game night theme by using fun names like “On a Roll-ed Ham Sandwich.”  These happened to be rolled sandwiches on lavash type bread.  However, this name could be used with any sandwich with a roll as the bread.

Be sure to check out Enchanted Events and Designs for some great party ideas!