Bowling Birthday Party Ideas

Bowling Birthday Party Ideas

If you want to strike it big with your guests, have a bowling birthday party.  Whether you are in need of bowling party ideas for an adult or child, you will get some great ones here.   All of them come from Victoria of  Vixen who make this special party for her husband.   It could also easily done for a child who loves bowling.

I have seen many bowling parties, but what I like about this food table is that all of the items are relatively easy to make.  You can look at the photos and get a pretty good idea about what to do.   Here is a photo of the entire food table:

Bowling theme treats are colorful and delicious.  The chocolate covered Oreo’s are transformed into a bowling balls with three little dots of frosting.   Any round candies can represent bowling and the long thin white candy holder is the perfect likeness to a bowling rack.  The chocolate covered donuts are so pretty and Victoria offers her favorite recipe on the blog.

Probably one of Victoria’s most  ingenious ideas of the shower are these bowling pins that she created using spray painted bottles.  A fun way to recycle and decorate.

The bowling cookies are a great idea and easy for anyone to make using a recipe for sugar cookies and butter cream frosting in a color of your choice.  Poke three holes in the frosting or decorate it with three black dots.  If you are short in time you can always use a refrigerated dough.    The white chocolate dipped pretzels are so cute and resemble bowling pins.  White striped frosting and ribbons are carried throughout the entire dessert table…such a great idea.  The framed photos of retro bowling images and

Finally some layered Jello make a perfect, refreshing addition to this great bowling theme dessert table.

Special thanks to Victoria for allowing me to share her party.  Check out her blog for many other party themes as well as some great craft tutorials.