Bowling Party

Bowling Party

What better way to honor your favorite bowler than to have a bowling party for him or her.  Whether it is a birthday, co-ed baby shower, or bachelor party, a couple of games of bowling is a great activity for everyone.    Gone is any awkwardness of standing around making conversation, instead guests will be cheering each other on.  Here are some tips about planning a great bowling party.

1.  The Venue: Of course, it will most likely be a bowling alley.  However, you want to spend some time at a variety of places to see which one offers the best environment for a party.    If you plan to eat at the bowling alley, check the menu.  See if there are special party accommodations  available like afood buffet.  You will also want to check the noise level, as it varies from alley to alley.    A less noisy bowling alley will allow your guests to chat more easily.   It will be especially important to those who are not regular bowlers.

Another option is to have light snacks while you bowl a few games and return to a home for more conversation.  You can serve a sit-down meal or hors d’oeuvres.  If you plan to go to another location after bowling, it makes the most sense to have easy cold food, like a submarine sandwich and salads, so that everything is ready when you arrive.

Photo by woodleywonderworks

The Cake: For dessert, a bowling cake is perfect.   Bowling balls are round and most cakes are round, so making it should be a breeze.  You may wish to frost it with chocolate icing and make three little holes, where the fingers would go on a bowling ball, on the top of the cake.   Another option would be to get a plastic mini bowling set at the dollar store and decorate your cake with them.  Bowling ball cookies are also easy to make.  You probably have all of the ingredients that you need to make them.  Just use a sugar cookie recipe and decorate with a dark colored frosting.   My favorite flavor is chocolate.  Just as with the cake, decorate the top with three white holes.

Bowling Favors: It is always appreciated when you give your guests a little something at the end of your party.  Popular bowling party favors include chocolate bowling balls and pins or cupcakes.  A bowling T-Shirt is also a popular favor, especially ones that are personalized.    If you have a group of serious bowlers at the celebration, give them a gift certificate for a free game of bowling.