Boy Baptism Party Ideas

Boy Baptism Party Ideas

Rustic meets white is now one of my favorite boy baptism party ideas.  This elegant display was created by Debbie of DebDen Designs.  From tree branches and burlap to pearls and candles, everything was perfectly coordinated.

Cupcakes: Serving as both a delicious snack for guests, and a beautiful decoration, cupcakes were arranged on the main table.  Debbie created individual cupcake holders out of thick white paper.  Each one says “Child of God” and is cut in a fun design.  (Note that the text is in bright blue, helping pull the entire room together.)  (One day Debbie hopes to have an Etsy Paper Goods store which you will be able to access through her website.)  Then, to top off the treats, a cross with the child’s name is placed on top of each cupcake.  This is secured with a toothpick and includes small pearls on each corner of the cross.  Some cupcakes are placed on a tower, so that they are at different heights.

Decorations: Festive tree branches create an elegant and beautiful look for the table.  Pearl “berries” are included on the branches, which are wrapped in white paper to secure them.  The branches also have white and blue ribbons tied into bows and placed throughout the design.  Some of the ribbons hold crosses containing the guest of honor’s name or the name of his parents and godparents, and others include paper with the words “Child of God” printed clearly on them.  Finally, individual cupcakes hang from some of the branches.  These are secured by long strings of pearls, which are tied to their individual holders.

Centerpieces: The beautiful tree branches not only decorated the main table, but also served as centerpieces at guest tables.  Surrounding the mini tree, Debbie dressed up three simple tall candles in a glass containers with white twine and a blue ribbon.  She attached a personalized paper cross with a silver ring to each one.

Favors: Cross shaped cookies create the perfect take-home gift for guests.  These sugar cookies are frosted with beautiful white icing and placed in small cellophane bags.  Each bag is then tied with a light blue ribbon.  The favors are placed on tables where guests are encouraged to sit.  White candles also tied with blue ribbon and including crosses with the child’s name are placed between the cookies.  This creates a unique centerpiece.

Debbie did an amazing job on all aspects of the baptism.   She was generous enough to allow me to display her great photos.  Check out her website for more inspiration.