Boy’s Christening Ideas for Decorations

Boy’s Christening Ideas for Decorations

Kelli Cohen of Marabous, Australia executed a pastel palette of perfection at a little boy’s christening celebration. The candy buffet in shades of blue and orange bore a stylish look, with each element perfectly picked to match the color theme. Grey as a neutral background highlights the pastels used in the arrangement and the overall effect is striking. Let us check out the amazing display that it was!

At the center of this lovely dessert table, is a spectacular cake in crystal blue with three tiers embellished with polka dots . A silky silver bow is the signature element that dazzles on the middle tier of the cake. On either side are cylindrical candy jars filled with candy beads, gumballs and chocolate sixlets. These glass jars have been arranged in perfect symmetry and each is beautifully decorated with stylish printables that match the pretty picturesque bow on the cake. Behind the sweets are paper lanterns in the central color theme; they form is an interesting visual display. The lanterns are placed in a symmetrical fashion in ascending order of height. Seated in front are a delectable array of cupcakes, glossy macaroons in gold and blue, cookies and shimmering cake pops. The background of vertical stripes in grey and white have a central blue banner with the lettering that announces the occasion.

Here is a close up of the various elements in this elegant spread. Golden cupcakes with lacy blue frosting and blue crosses on a base of white are neatly arranged on a bed of golden candy beads. Aren’t they just picture perfect? Cylindrical glass jars are embellished with  satin sashes and pretty lettering.

Now here is an innovative idea! The paper lanterns are held in place using lantern holders in silver. They add more dimension to the arrangement and lend a sophisticated touch.

For more interesting details on this amazing party, visit by following the link at the beginning of the post.

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