Candy Buffet Pics

Candy Buffet Pics

After my last Halloween post, I got the request for more candy buffet pics.    Wedding candy buffet favors are hot, so here are some pictures of some beautiful creations.

The first photo shows a mini candy buffet  from a wedding shower.    Since cupcakes are also served, it was not necessary to have large quantities of candy.

Photo:   Kristen_a

Here is a link to a series of videos giving you step by step instructions about How to Set Up and Create a Candy Buffet

Here is a wedding candy buffet in red, white and pink.  It would be a wonderful color scheme for a Valentine’s Day event.    There is a nice mixture of wrapped and unwrapped candy.    Instead of scoops, there are simple spoons with decorated handles.  You will also see personalized boxes for guests to use, so that they can take home candy of their choice.  The table has some nice satin and sparkling cloths.

Photo:  Tracy Hunter

If you are looking to provide a candy buffet for a less formal event, using colored tin pails with candy in them are ideal.    The pails shown in the photo below have labels on them and are filled with a variety of wrapped candy.   If you are having a candy theme Bar or Bat Mitvah, this set up would work well.

Photo:  Angry Julie Monday

Most of the best candy buffet pics have come from either weddings or Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.   If you need more inspiration, a Google search for “Candy Buffet” will give you some great pictures.