Candy Party Favors

Candy Party Favors

It is Halloween night, my son has just dumped a pillowcase full of candy on our living room floor.  It is one of the most exciting evenings of his life and my mind is drifting to my next party, specifically candy favors.  Knowing that Halloween candy will be half off tomorrow and 75% off within  the next few weeks, I am going to stake out some stores to get treats for future events.

Hershey’s Kisses are a wonderful favor for any event.  They come in so many colors, and need minimal packaging as a result.

Everyone loves chocolate favors, especially if they are Hershey's Kisses

I have already staked out some cute candy containers from Target.  There are both cardboard and metal pails with cute designs.  Some of them, like the candy theme pail below could be used for many occasions.  I saw them before Halloween for $1 each.  My guess is that they will be reduced.  Couple this with the bags of sale candy, you can bet I will be heading to Target.

Candy Container from Target

Immediately after Halloween is also a great time to stock up on bulk candy for a candy buffet.   Here is how to create one.   First you need to provide your guests with a container, like a mini Chinese food take-out box or treat bag.   Then, provide a variety of bulk candy displayed in clear glass jars or bags.  Include scoops in each container of candy and allow guest to scoop treats into their bag.  Guests can pick which candy they want and how much to take.   It is also very easy on the host, with minimal set up.

Photo Credit:  Chris  van Dyck