Candyland Theme Party Ideas

Candyland Theme Party Ideas

Giving your guests a taste of their childhood is a great reason to select a Candyland theme for your party.   The Candyland game was designed in 1945 and has been played ever since.  The characters have been updated, but the feel of the game is the same.  Fortunately, I had the chance to attend one of the most elaborate and unique Candyland sweet table at a tabletop competition sponsored by NACE Detroit.  All creations are by the talented Deirdre Stemmelen, Jacquline Dixon, Laila DeSouza, Rachel Dennis from Laurel Manor.

Sit back, relax and enjoy some beautiful photos  of this wonderful and decadent display of treats photographed by Shannon of Clicking Through Life.  They are  truly eye candy.

This is the dessert table photo that shows an overall view of all of the wonderful treats.  Notice the Candy Land sign with candy cane lettering that looks very similar to the title on the game.   You will also notice the simple table covering which is bright and colorful, but doesn’t take away attention from the stars of the show, the candy.

A main attraction on the table is the Candy Land cake.  A simple white cake is decorated with a variety of candy from lollipops and gum drops, to dots on on paper.   The top tier is a cupcake.

Cake pops make the perfect addition to the table.  You will notice that behind one of the Candy Land game characters, there is a glass cylinder filled with candy, that is used to hold up a glass tray of candy.   Another great way to display candy is by using M&Ms as a base, as you can see with the ice cream cake pops.

Cupcakes and candy make the perfect partners.  You can see the fun way these cupcakes are topped with swirl candy shapes and bum drops.  You could probably use just about any type of colorful candy and sprinkles.  Just be sure to keep the cake and frosting simple, so the candy can stand out.

Although you would probably not use chair covers for a home party, they are perfect for a Candy Land wedding.  The bright jewel tones in a solid color make a beautiful backdrop to the head table.

Displaying candy in glass containers is a great idea for a Candy land wedding candy buffet.  An over-sized margarita glass is shown here filled with jellybeans.   Rock candy and a lollipop on sticks are held up beautifully by the jellybeans.

Candy Land characters are  displayed throughout the table, some are from when the game was originated, while others are part of the game sold in stores today.  The folks at Laurel Manor did a wonderful job creating this wonderful table and if you ever need a fabulous theme party table, be sure to contact them.  A link to their website is shown above.