Chanel Party – 40th Birthday

Chanel Party – 40th Birthday

What comes to mind, when you hear the word “Chanel?” Isn’t it a glamorous image of fashion, sophistication and style? Every fashion-conscious woman would love a Chanel-theme party, especially if it was planned as perfectly as this one by Nina from Events by Nina. Here are the stunning pictures from Carol’s glamorous 40th black and white Chanel birthday party. Get ready for a fantastic show!

Take a look at this exquisite black and white buffet spread. I think it looks stunning in the green outdoors. The table is covered with a heavily layered black tulle and satin skirt, and has a rich spread of delectable sweet treats. On one side of the pretty black frame in the center are white roses in a towering vase, while small cards display interesting messages on the other side of the panel backdrop.

On the paneled backdrop of the beautiful desert table, is an ornate black frame with lettering in the trademark Chanel font. The cake is picture perfection! The quilted pattern on it has silver bead accents that add a touch of sophistication. The lettering and the Chanel motif on the top of the cake are in black.

Guests are treated to handmade black and white swirl lollipops wrapped in transparent plastic and customized with Chanel labels and silky black ribbons. Isn’t this arrangement using shimmering silver mason jars fantastic?

These white cake pops are astonishingly beautiful. They have embellished sticks that end in a silky bow. Each cake pop is encrusted with the Chanel signature symbol, that ties it to the theme.

Another batch of cake pops in black have swirls of white with sprinkles decorating the surface. Here the bling sticks end in a silky white bow at the base.

Each beverage jar is decorated with a silky white bow, that instantly makes it chic. Don’t you simply love the black and white polka dot straws that are a perfect match for the theme?

Milk chocolates and small candy bars are customized with Chanel labels. The idea of displaying them in fancy silver trays and ceramic containers is brilliant, and in-keeping with the color palette going on at the party.

Black and white macaroons that look and taste great are part of the dessert spread.

Delectable chocolate covered Oreos in white and black, with the Chanel signature symbol pressed on them, invite the guests to a tantalizing treat.

Just look at these glamorous red velvet cupcakes in silver foil cases, sitting proudly on a tiered floral step display stand. Oversize floral blooms in white and brown decorate their soft brown surfaces, while silver beads are encrusted on the base.

Wasn’t that an impressive dessert spread? Nina has not only created a breathtaking buffet table, but also shown us some fantastic ideas to create a magical party with a simple black and white palette. Thank you for these excellent ideas!