Cheeseburger Birthday Cake

Cheeseburger Birthday Cake

At first glance, you think that you are looking at a huge juicy cheeseburger, complete with all of the toppings.    However, it is actually a cheeseburger cake.    My friend’s 12-year-old niece Emily created this masterpiece treat for her dad on his birthday.    She sent me the following directions:

What you need to make the cake:

  • 1 box of yellow cake,
  • A brownie mix
  • Some yellow and green Laffy Taffy
  • Red Airheads
  • An oven safe bowl and 2 cake pans (one for the bottom bun and one for the brownie)

Here are the directions:

Cake: Mix all the ingredients for the cake and divide the contents  into the bowl and the cake pan.    Make sure the oven safe bowl is about the same size as the cake pan on the bottom of the bowl not the top.   This gives the top of the bun some height.  Follow the cake baking instructions.  Make sure the cakes are not  hot when you pop them out of the pan and bowl, as you don’t want either part to break.

Brownie Burger: Use the other cake pan to make the patty (brownie).   When it is all done and has completely cooled, take it out and pinch the sides a little to make it look more like a hamburger. Then when that’s done, put the brownie on top of the bottom and the top bun on top of the brownie.

The Fixins’: Roll out your yellow Laffy Taffy and make it into a triangle and have it sticking out of the side.   This is the “cheese.”  Then take the green Laffy Taffy split it into the number of sections you want.  (Emily made three sections.) Scrunch the green Laffy Taffy pieces and  ensure that they are sticking out the side,  as if there is lettuce within the cheeseburger bun.   Then make circles out of your red airheads.  Emily just used red frosting  to  make  tomatoes and ensured that they were sticking out of the bun. Then she placed small sections of white frosting on the bun.  Next she sprinkled coconut on top of the frosting, so that it would look like sesame seeds.  Finally, she  then put it into the fridge until it was unveiled at the party.

You can bet that Emily’s dad was surprised and delighted to see the cake that represents two of his favorite foods in one treat.  No doubt he is proud of his talented and thoughtful daughter.    We hope to feature more of the Cross family creations.  If you happen to have a wonderful party idea, please let us know so that we can feature it.