Christening Cake Photos

Christening Cake Photos

These Christening cake photos will are great for ideas.  Whether you bake or purchase your Baptism cake, you are sure to get some inspiration by looking at these pictures.

Cupcake with Cake Top – This fun cake features the tradition of a cake with the fun of cupcakes.  Some of the interesting features include varying sizes of cupcakes, the decorative white frosting topped with custom blue candy or frosting.  There is also a sweet tag with the words “Happy Christening, Christian” along with the date.  The glass tray really allows this wonderful cake to be displayed beautifully.

Photo Credit:  Mags20 eb

Baptism Cupcakes – The first photo put me in the mood for cupcakes, and the ones shown below look like something I could actually make.  Notice the pretty blue wrappers and varied decorations, from polka dots on the border and rocking horses to the date of the Baptism.    You will also see clear boxes in the background for guests to use when packing a cupcake or two to take home.  What a great idea for a favor.

Photo Credit:  Ben Fitzgerald

Baptism Cake – This cake is not the standard white, pink or blue, but it looks delicious.    Chocolate shavings, almonds and strawberries both decorate and entice guests to dig in.

Photo Credit:  Knoxer

Standard Christening Cake – This cake is pretty, simple and looks to be purchased from a bakery.

Photo Credit:  Abardwell

Little Feet Cake – This is one of my favorite cakes because of the bright colors and modern design.

Photo Credit:  Marcleh

Pink and Brown Cake – I like this cake because the decorations look especially easy.  The cake is bordered with a swirly design and shiny sprinkles.

Photo Credit:  Julie, Dave and Family

Cake with Angel Trinket – This is a great way to incorporate your cake with your favors.   It also shows you that you can bake a simple cake and decorate it simply with figurines or other trinkets.

Photo Credit:  tiswiango

These cupcakes by Bakerella were originally created for a Communion, but would work wonderfully well for a Christening.