Christening Decorations

Christening Decorations

In planning a Christening party for your child, you want to be sure to throw a celebration that remains true to the religious and deeply spiritual nature of the event while making guests feel comfortable and welcome.  You may choose to make some of your own Christening decorations or you may wish to purchase them.  Some popular options include:

  • You can make elegant centerpieces using large glass vases and floating candles.  Simply line the bottom of the vases with decorative stones or glass pieces and fill the rest with water.  Then light small floating candles and watch the room shimmer magically.  You can also place cut flowers in the bottom of the vase for a unique and decorative centerpiece.

Photo Credit:  Sully123

  • Another fun Christening or Baptism centerpiece can be made using candy jars and pastel candies.  Fill each jar with an arrangement of colorful candy pieces and place one at each table.  You may wish to give each centerpiece away to a guest as a door prize.

  • Floral arrangements can add color and elegance to any party.  You may place them on food tables and at the entrance of your party.  Yellow, pink, or blue flowers surrounded by smaller white flowers can match any table settings.  Carnations work very well, as they are inexpensive, come in a variety of colors, and add vibrancy.

Photo Credit:  Kirsty

  • Pastel baptism tableware, including plates, cups, napkins, and silverware, can be purchased online.  You can also order matching invitations and thank you notes, which will help draw the entire event together.  Designs often include doves, angels, or crosses.
  • If you’d like to make your own table settings, consider purchasing simple placemats with small polka dot or solid line designs, and then add solid colored plates and cups that complement the color scheme.  You may wish to purchase individual bud vases and add a flower to each setting, particularly if you plan to serve a meal at your party.