Christening Party – Elegant Cakes, Decorations and Favors

Christening Party – Elegant Cakes, Decorations and Favors

Little Luiza Helena had the perfect christening party, which was put together by Roberta of FESTA X – Decor. The holiness of the occasion was duly celebrated, and everything about the party was immaculate. The photography for the event was by Nigo Furtado, and the cake and candy were designed by Rita Martins. Let us look at the pictures of this blessed occasion and be inspired.

The party was arranged in a happy hour lounge. The interiors of the location were dark, and hence the selection of white with accents of gold as the color theme was befiting. Roberta used the sophistication of old gold accessories to create a soft and mesmerizing effect in combination with white. The buffet is a spread of delicacies, every one of which looks elegant and is appropriate for the function. The special elements like old gold pieces that Roberta specially acquired for the event make the arrangement exquisite.

These party favours are unbeatable. They are crystal bottles containing blessed anointing oil, and have arranged on an ornate gold tray that adds to the splendor of the arrangement. It is almost magical, and what a wonderful gift for those who attended the function!

The cake arrangement is amazing. Crystal bottles placed in front of it look divine. The cake by Rita Martins is flawless, and is like a marble sculpture from which heavenly doves float away. It is flanked on either side by lovely tiered sweet arrangements.

This exquisite gold frame has been used to display the menu. The frame selected for the purpose is just perfect, and adds to the allure of the arrangement.

The candy by Rita Martins look gorgeous, and are a fitting addition to the décor. They look like little flowers from heaven—delicate and bewitching.

The gold accents provided by the old gold pieces add finesse and grandeur to the arrangement. The décor elements like the little dove are valuable in creating the right ambience for the occasion.

Almond coated candy in a lacey floral base look splendid , and certainly taste exquisite too.

This gingerbread candy is a treat to behold. The rich chocolate base in brown is studded with gold, and  there are little flying doves—a superbly executed treat.

Yellow and orange flowers are a bright and lively contrast to the white and ivory in the rest of the flower arrangement. The flower vase has been decorated with handmade patchwork flowers in ivory and white, and they create a striking design. The border of gingerbread candy beneath the jar make it a distinct element in its entirety.

Roberta has ensured that Louiza Helena had a christening party that was fit for a princess. We can see the effort and thought that she has put in, to make this occasion just perfect. Thank you Roberta for sharing the pictures of this blessed, beautiful occasion with us.