Christening Party Ideas for a Boy

Christening Party Ideas for a Boy

If you are in need of Christening party ideas for a boy, read on!  Jodie of Couture Candy Buffet Company in Wellington, New Zealand has been kind enough to share the pictures of the party she created for Baby William’s Christening – a celebration candy buffet for her client’s family, friends and children. Let us feast our eyes on the magic created on this occasion and draw inspiration from her incredible work.

The buffet is a grand spread of candy treats in subtle colors. Baby William was just three months old, so Jodie decided to keep the design soft and elegant, and of course in keeping with the occassion. The cake in powder blue is a work of art, and was made by Decorada, with the top tier being the original fruit cake from her client’s wedding cake. Details like the addition of the brown ribbon and the lettering in blue on a white base are simple, yet the effect created is one of sophistication. The entire arrangement is flawless. Gentle hues of blue and chocolate work wonderfully with the white and cream in the decor. It is a picture of soft magic.

When Jodie first met baby William and her client, William had a little elephant embroidery on his outfit. Drawing inspiration from it, she decided to add the elephant details into the design. The cute wooden elephant is a charming element that is in focus here, and is an apt selection for a baby’s party. The sweets in blue add shimmer and shine into the delicate background of white roses and taupe candy that are set against the letter display in white and blue.

Bouquets of white roses, complete with blooming buds are the perfect flower arrangement for the occasion. The pristine ivory vases with elaborate details form an excellent base for these simple but elegant flowers.

Here is an excellent decor element. An adorable wooden elephant is set against balls of thread that are reflect the color theme of the party.

Tall jars with silky satin bows in baby blue are filled with colorful treats and have a delicate charm about them. The vintage milk bottles are interesting and are a perfect treat for the occasion.

These milk bottles have been executed beautifully and are a fabulous idea we could borrow. Jodie’s client loved the vintage mini milk bottles and paper straws. So, she decided to personalise each milk bottle with the names of the children attending.

The setting is as beautiful up close, as it is from further away. The selection of fluffy marshmallows, silver kisses and sweets for the different jars is exemplary. You will see how the contents for the jars on either side of the one in the centre ensure that there is a variety to choose from, even while the colors melt together in harmony.

Jodie has done an excellent job in creating the perfect setting on this joyous occasion for baby William, one that will always be memorable.

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