Cinderella Birthday Party

Cinderella Birthday Party

All little girls are princesses, and what better way to celebrate a little girl’s birthday than with a fairytale themed party! Roberta of Festa X DECOR created a perfect Disney Cinderella Birthday Party for Luzia’s 4th birthday. Let us set forth on a magical journey through the wonderful pictures Nigo Furtado has captured on this festive evening of fun and cheer.

The buffet table is a feast perfect for a princess. The bright hues of blue, orange and gold in the setting make a wonderful fairytale scene. Cinderella, her Prince Charming and Fairy Godmother have all come  to wish Luiza a Happy Birthday; Roberta has done a brilliant job at creating this enchanting display.

This cake by Rita Martins is so unique and mystical—it reminds us of brown foliage dusted with freshly fallen snow.

Luxurious gold macarons in a fine bone china cup and draped with a champagne pearl necklace are a splendid exhibit.

Delicate china in robin blue, a vibrant flower arrangement and golden cherries peeping out of exquisite tea cups—the entire table setting is magical.

Aren’t these candy holders with Cinderella figurines adorable? The white pumpkin coach in the background which houses more sweets is equally gorgeous.

The individually wrapped candy sticks are charming. The wide-eyes on the front and the pretty pink gown on the back make it so endearing. The polka dot arrangement with a silky satin bow and little crowns add an air of opulence.

Here are more candy favors, this time with the little mice helpers who helped Cinderella make it to the ball—an ingenious idea to add these often overlooked characters to the setting. All the little children at the party would be awed by these little details.

This centerpiece is very simple and doesn’t take up much space, but it looks fabulous. The delicate tissue flowers and the delicate polka dot design in blue and white make a remarkable combination. The little Cinderella figurine dances across the table, gliding across little candy filled bowls in orange.

The beverage station has been presented beautifully. Ornate orange pitchers are flanked by little glass jars to hold drinks on a cheerful blue table. The handprints on the mirror are so precious. Roberta has been so clever to add the broom finished with satin ribbon to complete the fairy tale ambience.

The little desserts are such beauties. It is difficult to say which is more adorable—the tiny pumpkins on the spoon handles, or the pretty red scarves on the little glasses! The fabric pumpkin place setting is a great addition that adds a rustic charm to the arrangement.

These cake pops are just amazing—the dusting of gold and the little flower detail on the base make it picture perfection.

The bright blue frosting and shiny pearl sprinkles are wonderfully complimented by the orange and yellow cases of these cupcakes.

This candy display in a bright blue nest bursts with color from every angle.

A polka dot basket that holds individually wrapped party favors with cute thank you labels add the finishing touches to this magnificent party.

Everyone seems to be happy at this party, including Cinderella’s step mother and two step sisters. However, I’m certain no one would have been as ecstatic as Little Luiza was on her special day.

This Cinderella party is a dream come true for a little princess. I’m certain Roberta has made one little girl happy and given her a birthday she’ll never forget!

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