Circus Themed Baby Shower

Circus Themed Baby Shower

Get ready for a fun-filled Circus theme party! Courtney of Courtney Katherine Photography created the perfect Baby shower with a circus theme and has invited us to come and visit the beautiful pictures of this party. So, let the fun begin.

This simple, but refreshing chalkboard sign welcomes “One and all to the Greatest Baby Shower.”

Now we enter a magical land that is decked in color and resonates cheer. Courtney has played with the basic color palette of red, yellow and blue, but managed to make the look extraordinary. The entire setting is a work of art. The chairs covered in white and chained with red bows are picture perfect. Floating balloons add a punch of color, and the tent in the corner is the crowning glory.

Each table is set for ten people, but it is well arranged and not crowded. The table runner and accessories are vibrant against the white background. The centrepiece of a glass jar brimming with brightly colored balls is simple and perfect.

The colors of the centerpiece are bright and bouncy. I love how this interesting element works like a charm and holds the floating balloons in place.   The twinkling fairy lights on the ceiling create the perfect ambience of a circus tent. The decoration on the ceiling is subtle, but produces the intended effect.

Colorful cupcakes beckon the guests. The arrangement is flawless. There is a central carousel with two tiers of cakes and a tent that seems to float in the back. The simple bunting is an assortment of colors that complement the rest of the setting.

Courtney has used more chalkboards to label the treats. The cupcakes look too good to eat, with pretty stripes on the cases, brightly colored frosting and cupcake toppers that read “Baby Neal” to add the perfect finishing touch.

The cake arrangement is splendid. The cupcakes hold the bunting in place and are a marvellous accompaniment for the cake which seems to float in thin air. The cake holder in glass was a brilliant selection that plays its part in creating this unique look.

The color theme extends to the beverages in glass jars, which sit comfortably on wooden boxes. It is a simple but attractive arrangement.

Here’s an interesting game—the guests are challenged to guess the number of peanuts in this jar. Chalkboard labels are simple, but efficient and you will find them used throughout the décor.

No circus is complete without freshly popped corn and the aroma of it wafting through the air. Courtney has made no exception, and the guests are treated to this delicious snack, fresh out of the popper.

Here’s a great idea to corral all the gifts and make it part of the décor. Tables are set under the canopy and the effect is completed with the bunting carrying the baby’s name.

The mom-to-be and the guests at this party must have had so much fun, and the pictures will make baby Chandler happy some day. Courtney has done a wonderful job creating an exciting party full of life and color. A lively circus themed baby shower–what a great way to welcome a precious baby into the world!