Communion Cupcake Ideas

Communion Cupcake Ideas

With the Communion season almost upon us, you may be looking for Communion cupcake ideas.  They are often served in place of an actual cake because of they are so easy to give to guests and don’t involve the time consuming task of making slices.  Rachel Christine, owner of Rachel’s Cakes has some wonderful ways to both decorate and arrange and design cupcakes.   She was kind enough to allow me to display the following photos:

Cross Design Communion Cupcakes – The feel of a cake with the ease of cupcakes is the thinking behind this wonderful creation.  Cupcakes are decorated with white and blue icing and brown and blue crosses.  You could certainly substitute pink if the communion is for a girl.  The best part of these treats, aside from what I assume to be a great taste, is that they are arranged in the shape of a cross.    Placed on a cardboard base, the cross design is showcased and crumbs don’t get the table messy.

Pink Cross Shape Cupcakes – The treats in the photo below was actually for a baptism, however, I wanted you to see how you might decorate the cupcakes for a girl’s communion party.  Notice the fondant displaying the name of the guest of honor on a banner.   While this looks great, you really do not need any sort of decoration, simply arrange cupcakes in the shape of a cross.   The cupcakes on the bottom right and left side of the cross look perfectly fine frosted with an M&M on top of each  one.   Notice that the width of both the vertical and horizontal rows consist of three cupcakes each.  The length is eight cupcakes across and 11 cupcakes down for a nicely shaped cross.


Decorated Cupcakes – Pastel decorations seem to be most popular for baptism and communion cupcakes.  Rachel frosted these chocolate cupcakes with different colors and placed a variety of fondant topper on each one.   Decorations include sprinkles, crosses, the name of the guests of honor, an date of the event.   They almost look too pretty to eat, but I am guessing  that this did not stop people from doing so.

Here are some more decorated cupcakes that look out of this world.   I especially like the pretty rolled fondant and heart decorations.   The aqua and brown color combination is especially pretty.

Rachel’s Cakes is in Anna, Ohio.  Visit her Facebook page to inquire about services for your party.  Rachel offers a cakes and cupcakes for a variety of themes.