Communion Desserts

Communion Desserts

A sweet treat after an important ceremony is welcomed by guests, and Communion desserts can range from a simple cake to a full spread of confections.  Arranging a sweet table can takes some artistic talent, and Wilmara of  Madly Stylish Events has plenty of it, as you will see in her photos below.   This Communion dessert table is particularly unique due to the set-up.  It’s arranged on a chest of drawers; Wilmara has opened some of the drawers and placed trays inside to create a layered look.  (This also creates more room so that more dessert options can fit in a smaller area.)   A vase with beautiful and delicate white flowers added a beautiful backdrop.

These frosted cookies align well with the silver and gold theme of the table.  They are frosted in white icing and include the Communicant’s initials or a cross in gold icing.  Edible golden candy balls are arranged around the cookies, and a full jar of these candies adds a splash of color and a crunchy dessert.

Cake pops are a popular treat, and as this hostess did, you can provide your guests with different flavors, such as white or milk chocolate frosting (or chocolate and vanilla frosting).  Some of the cake pops are standing upright in a Styrofoam holder, while others are arranged elegantly on a tray.   Both include either sprinkles or edible pearls to add design to the otherwise plain dessert.

While this hostess has included a large cake as part of the table, it is not the centerpiece of the spread.  This cake is white, like the dishes, flowers, and table covering, and it looks like a large pillow.  A white cross reminds guests of the reason for the celebration, and edible silver pearls add flare.

The Communion dessert table or chest of drawers was created for a boy named AJ.   Wilmara added some cute personal touches including hanging the letters  A and J from the drawer handles.

Mustache cookies have been turned into lollipops and add a sense of fun to the display.  These sugar cookies are shaped like mustaches and coated in black frosting.  Because they are in one of the drawers, they need to stand on their own thus are stuck into a Styrofoam tray.

Here is more of a close-up view of the desert table so that you can see how the treats are arranged.  With everything at different heights, whether on stands or on flat plates, it is very appealing and interesting.   The silver and gold balls in glass jars really add sparkle to this lovely display.

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