Communion Ideas for Boys

Communion Ideas for Boys

If you happen to be looking for Communion ideas for boys, you are in luck.  I came across some beautiful photos of a sweet table by Alexis of  The Pear Event Styling and Planning. Her fortunate nephew was the recipient of a sweets spread fit for a prince, with elegant blue decorations and pretty printables supplies and signs.

Alexis’ light blue and white background, simple table cloth, and decorations hanging from the table, really showcased the sweets without stealing the show.

Communion Party Decorations – It is great when the food is so pretty that doubles as your decorations.   These Rice Krispie Treats have blue icing and cute printables which really make them extraordinary.  A matching sign identifying each sweet treat is also a great idea.

Communion Flowers – You don’t have to spend a lot on fancy flowers and vases for your First Communion, take a look at the lovely hydrangeas in a mason jar.

Communion Cupcakes – Pretty blue polka dot wrappers and fondant cross decorations are one of many unique Communion ideas.

Communion Candy – Incorporate your blue boy theme by adding blue M&M’s to a clear glass container with a ribbon and a sign.

Communion Activity – If you are looking for a fun activity for adults and grown ups, cupcake decorating is sure to please. Make it easy with cupcakes, white frosting, and lots of colorful candy.

If you live anywhere near Juniper Florida, you now have a great source for party styling!  Thank you, Alexis for allowing me to display your lovely photos.

Rosary Favors – Blue rosaries in a personalized “bible box” make great guest souvenirs.   These are from Cool Party Favors of course.

Trinket Holder Glasses: These can be filled with candy, wrapped in a clear cellophane bag and taken home as favors.  They can also be used as table decorations.

Other Decoration Ideas – While blue is a perfect color for a boy’s communion, there are other options as well.    Silver and gold are both excellent accent colors.  Consider combinations such as pale green and gold or light blue and silver.  Then, decorate the walls with doves, Bibles, or crosses.  You can also put balloon bouquets in the corners of the room and encourage young guest to take balloons home with them.  (This last option also provides a perfect photo opportunity, as you can ask guests to take a picture with the guest of honor in front of the balloons.)

Table Centerpieces: Whether you’ll be serving a full meal or just appetizers and dessert, you’ll want guests to be able to sit and mingle.  As such, be sure to decorate the tables.  Consider large glass chalices to place in the middle of each one.  Then fill the chalices with decorative stones that match your main decoration color.  Finally, tie a gold or silver ribbon around each chalice for the finishing touch.  Or, as an alternative idea, place large cross on each table and drape it with a cloth stamped with the communicant’s name and date of the event.