Communion Party Ideas

Communion Party Ideas

If you are looking for unique and elegant First Communion party ideas, you have landed in the right spot.  That is because Tracy and Jill from Attention Cravers were kind enough to allow me to show off  their photos.

Communion Centerpieces: Talk about eco-friendly table decorations!   These centerpieces featuring a custom bottle of wine, cheese, crackers and grapes are completely consumable.   The gold plate which holds the goodies adds an elegant touch.

Communion Dessert Table – There are so many great ideas displayed on the table below including:
*A cute cake of a girl in her dress and veil on a round silver tray
*A classic candle holder balancing mini servings of fruit salad
*A standing white ceramic cross with a gold border
*A cake in the shape of a cross decorated with strawberries on top
*Cute signs on photo clips identifying the different foods
*A pretty floral decoration.  (You can look up “Paper Hydrangea Pomander on Martha Stewart’s website for a tutorial.)

Here is a wider shot, so that you can see all of the elements including:
*The plain white tablecloth with gold crosses, which really shows off the other table decorations
*Small bowls with a single daisy bloom, placed in a row across the table
*A vase filled with white daisies and a butterfly decoration on a stick

Communion Cupcakes – A simple vanilla cupcake with white icing is the perfect backdrop for the chalice decoration.  The tray used to hold the cupcakes really adds to the decor.   If you are not able to find a similar one, you could start with an inexpensive tray from your local dollar store and spray paint it gold.   The craft store Michael’s carries spray paint in a variety of colors.

If you do not have access to the chalice decorations, I found some cute personalized cupcake toppers and cross theme wrappers. You may wish to make your own by designing round stickers on your computer and attaching them to generic cupcake picks.

Oreo Truffles – The white cookie pops on a stick shown below look so pretty with a ribbon tied around each one.  They are housed in a clear container and are held up by white stones.   I have seen party hosts use pastel candy lentils or M&Ms to hold up cake pops or other desserts on a stick.

Another Communion is in store for the son of one of owners of Attention Grabbers and I am looking forward to seeing what she has in mind for decorations.  In the meantime, check out the website for lots of fun theme ideas from football parties to American Idol bashes.