Communion Party Ideas

Communion Party Ideas

If you are looking for some great Communion party ideas,  Jackie from Party Hats by Glam offers some unique ones for a creative sweet table for a boy.   She was kind enough to allow me to share her photos.  Martin’s First Communion party decorations focused on a one-table spread celebrating his special day.  A simple color scheme anchored in white, grays, and light blue patterns made this custom decoration a big hit.  Elaborate themed decorations complemented the open table design and color patterns to bring a perfect balance to the table setting.  Beautiful decorations designed specifically to celebrate the occasion of a First Communion, as well as a simple and open enough spread to not be too distracting or complex, made this party table a big hit.

Beyond the general layout of the table, each individual table decoration and food item added a little something extra to the event.  Themed wrappers on milk chocolate treats were at the forefront of the layout, while a variety of other desserts and snacks filled out the rest of the table.

Whether specifically designed to match the theme of the day, or simply an elaboration on the color scheme of the party, each item played an integral role.  The cupcakes had toothpicks with communion symbols on them, the cookies were in the shape of a crucifix, and the ribbons worked together with all the other items on the table to help add flair to Martin’s special day.

The backdrop is a white backing with a triangular message to commemorate Martin’s first communion.  “God Bless Martin” also appears on a number of the other items on the table.  Together, the whole desserts table plays off each item down to the finest details.

I think Jackie did a great job on the whole table.  The white-based color scheme and light blue complementary pieces catch your eye, but are not distracting or overdone.  The simple nature of the colors and the white backing thematically align with a first communion.  In addition, the desserts themselves are very cute.  The intricate detail in each piece and decoration on the table show how important this day is for Martin and how much care went into the entire design.

No doubt the little Lego trucks made perfect party favors for the kids.

Adults were treated to yellow candy crosses.

The Communion cake was elegant and adorned with a gold trimmed cross on top and a chalice on the bottom tier.

By choosing a variety of desserts that matched the theme of a first communion, there truly is something for everyone.  From pinwheels to ribbons, this attention-grabbing decorative table setting is both practical and beautiful.  A lot of thought went into the entire scheme, and it surely made for a day Martin will never forget.