Communion Rosary Favors

Communion Rosary Favors

If you’ll be hosting a First Communion party, you’ll want to send all your guests home with the perfect gift.  You’ll want something that reminds guests to celebrate their faith, while at the same time being a useful and beautiful reminder of this sacred event.  Communion rosary favors by Cool Party Favors accomplish all of these goals, and they can be personalized to be even more meaningful.  Moreover, the options available are endless!  These favors can be given to young and old guests alike, so everyone will enjoy this keepsake that will last a lifetime.  Consider the following:

Type of Rosary:

First, you can choose whether you would like a full Rosary necklace, a bracelet sized Rosary, or simply a finger Rosary with just ten beads.  If you decide on the necklace or bracelet Rosary, then your choices greatly expand.  First, determine if you would like the Rosary to be made of plastic, glass, or even wooden beads.  (Remember that the Crucifix, which usually comes on the end of the Rosary, will usually be made of this same material.)  Many models come in a number of colors, from white to pale pink to bright blue.  The chain connecting the beads can also be silver, gold, or even colored string.  Thus, you can choose favors that would best match the decorations at your party.  (This way the favors can add a splash of color to table settings as well.)


You may opt to provide your Rosary in many different packages, which allows for even more personalization.  You may choose bags, pouches, or boxes and can top any of them with stickers, ribbons, or even notecards. (Remember that guests may wish to store their Rosary favors in the packaging, so you’ll want to use something elegant.) If you close these packages with a ribbon or string, you may wish to thread the string through a notecard that includes the date of the event, the name of the Communicant, and even a religious stencil, such as a dove or cross.  Stickers may also include similar information and can be used to safely seal boxes.  Remember to stick with your chosen color scheme even in the packaging.

Prayer cards:

As an addition to your favors, include a prayer card inside each of your packages.  This card may include the Communicant’s favorite prayer or one that is meaningful to the entire family.  Or, the cards may be inscribed with the name of the Communicant and date of the event so that guests will remember to keep him or her in their prayers.