Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

I just finished shopping at the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market and found the most funny and creative pumpkin decorating ideas.   They were created by a talented group of farmers and their friends at Van House Farms in Armada, Michigan.  What makes these pumpkins unique is that they are primarily decorated with vegetables and fruits.   Imagine your Trick or Treater’s faces when they see these beauties.  They don’t look hard to duplicate, so enjoy the photos and think about how you can do something similar.

The photo above shows a pumpkin made with a hollowed out orange holding mini red pepper eye balls, gourd for the nose and  a full head of green and purple leaf hair.  Below is a cutie with corn husk hair, a squash shaped like a flower and red pepper eye balls.  The green hot pepper tongue is also a fun touch.  This pumpkin would be ideal for kids to make.

Doesn’t Kale make great pumpkin hair?

This cigar smokin’ guy has pepper eyes, baby’s breath eye lashes, a gourd nose, and a dried corn silk mustache.

This happy lad has mini pumpkin tops for eyes, a long pepper nose and leaf cap.

Lovely root locks are very becoming on this hung-over looking pumpkin.

Made with mini pumpkins and gourds, dried flowers as eye balls give this pumpkin added uniqueness.

A scary-looking gourd found its way into this pumpkin display.   That wild corn husk hair give him sort of an Albert Einstein look.

This pumpkin looks quite drunk with it’s bottle cap eyes, blank stare, red pepper mouth and purple tongue hanging out.

Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes were featured and snatched up before I could even finish taking my pictures.   They were priced at $10 each, a bargain for all of the creativity and work that went in to many of them.  I am loving those luscious green pepper lips.   Many of these pumpkins could be decorated by children, with the hot glue being applied by adults.  What a fun way for the family to decorate for Halloween.

This pumpkin is so great, despite my lack of photography skills.   The sunflowers as eyes and wild purple hair make this the ultimate diva pumpkin.

I want to be invited to the next pumpkin creation gathering of farmers.   One of the staff members told me that just about everything was done with veggies and a glue gun.   So if you are not particularly good at carving pumpkins dry gluing vegetables on them for the most unique and fun pumpkin on your block or at your party.