It is absolutely unacceptable for a party blog to not feature a Super Bowl recipe.  Fortunately, my favorite guest writer and Facebook friend, Drew, came through for me today.    He made some Currywurst, with the key ingredient being a spicy sauce that is popular in Germany.   More on the history later.  Just know that according to Drew, it is “fall off a bar stool easy.”  Here is the finished product:

CURRYWURST SAUCE – Here is a list of the ingredients.  Most of which can be found in any grocery store.

One onion minced and cooked down in oil
One bottle chilli sauce
One medium can tomato sauce
2T standard curry powder
1 T Paprika
Black pepper
A little cider vinegar
Some sugar – Used 2 T

1.  Saute your onions in olive oil.

You will want to cook them until they look limp.     The red onions really add some nice color to the dish.

2.  Add 2 T curry powder, 1 T sweet paprika and about a tsp of ground pepper.

4.  Mix the spices into the onions.  I love this photo because of the bright spices.

5.  While you make your sauce, you can broil the brats.  Drew actually smoked them first, but he said that it was an optional step.

6.  Add to the onion mix chili sauce and tomato sauce. Cook for fifteen minutes.

7.   Admire your finished Currywurst – This sauce looks so versatile.  I imagine that it would taste great with just about any any meat from chicken or turkey to pork or beef.   In fact, any non-spicy sausage would be ideal.

8.   Cut the brats into bite-sized pieces and place in the sauce.  Drew used a crock pot.

This is the only place that you will find Drew’s Currywurst.  He went to Cologne, Germany last spring and combined some recipes that he thought would match his memories of the sauce.    By now, his friends are enjoying the dish as an appetizer with potato rolls at a Super Bowl party.   However, if this sauce with brats were to be served as lunch or dinner, Drew suggested keeping the links whole and serving them with fries.

I hope to bring more recipes to you by Drew.  Here is a popular one that he allowed me to publish last November:  Thanksgiving Stuffing Balls.  My family is still talking about making his bacon jam.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.    Drew is a true foodie and loves getting reactions to his great recipes.