Cylinder Vase Centerpieces

Cylinder Vase Centerpieces

You can’t imagine how excited I was to find a centerpiece that I could duplicate.  After attending a sports theme event at Blumz Florist, I saw some great cylinder vase centerpieces.

A mini basketball, glowing vase filler, and a mini basketball net really added fun to the table.

Since the event focused on all sports, the cylinder vase centerpiece below combined fishing and cheerleading.  Jerome Raska, floral designer extraordinaire,  used a standard vase, glowing filler, a couple of plastic fishing nets, a bow made of the ribbon with wire, a gerbera daisy and a plastic megaphone.

This was actually a pizza party where attendees either ate standing up at tall tables or on bleachers.  The centerpieces were low enough that people could see over them when talking to their friends.

With cylinder vase centerpieces, the vase size  is something to consider.   Test the vase and contents on a table that is similar to the size of the table at your future party.

You should also keep in mind the height of the flowers or decorations that come up out of the vase.  The centerpieces shown above have items above the vase.  However,   you can have all of the action going on within the vase, as shown in the image below.   I would probably add a few more basketballs to this centerpiece.

You can put just about anything waterproof in a vase to make it a fun theme centerpiece or an elegant one.  The same florist created a beautiful wedding centerpiece with a large cylinder, water, whole lemons and calla lilies.