Dinosaurs Baby Shower

Dinosaurs Baby Shower

Even though dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, the dinosaurs baby shower is a popular theme today.  Lea of Fly Away Design created a beautiful prehistoric party with great ideas.    Fortunately she is willing to share them.

Dinosaur Decorations: One of my favorite aspects of the baby shower is the grouping of pom pom dinosaur decorations.  Simply by adding a few paper cut-outs, one of these hanging pom poms was transformed into a Stegosauras.

Dinosaur Candy Bar and Cake:   There are so many cute and easy ways to create a dino dessert table.    Of course green is the theme color, so you will notice it in all aspects of the decor.  The candy bar with a variety of confections has cute and simple dinosaur images on each jar.    I also like the way Lea layered one of the jars with different candy to add interest.     The cake initially looked  difficult to create, but I found a tutorial on the Betty Crocker website with a video about how to make one in the shape of a dinosaur.  There is also a downloadable template that makes the job much easier.    The green polka dot napkins are a great addition the table.

Dinosaur Centerpieces – A green pot with a brown dinosaur cut-out  sitting on a  grassy-looking place mat really adds that prehistoric feel to your table.    The  plant shown below (left) has such pretty multi-colored leaves,  just perfect for a hungry dino.  You can use just about any type of leafy plant for your centerpiece.    The Tyrannosaurus on a stick (right) is also a cute addition.

Dinosaur Mini Library – Books filled with stories of dinosaurs is such a unique idea.  They can be used as table decorations and incorporated into your centerpieces.  You can place books on a shelf for a mini library, as Lea shows you on the photo below.  Since books can be expensive, scout out used ones at garage sales or even on Amazon.  You can even encourage guests to bring an inexpensive book instead of a baby shower greeting card.  (Many of the nice cards run over $4 and you can get a cute book at most local dollar stores.)

Dinosaur Signs: Here are some fun banners and signs.

Dinosaur Favors – Guests were sent home with favors placed in these personalized favor bags.   It is amazing how a custom label and ribbon dress up these bags.

This is just one of many creative party ideas shown on Fly Away Design.  Be sure to check out the site for your next baby shower or birthday party.