DIY Communion Favors

DIY Communion Favors

For your next Communion party, send guests home with a truly unique and personalized Communion party favor.  What better way to share your joy than by creating these favors yourself?  Ideas include:

Bookmarks: Whether you create them on thick paper and laminate them or cut them from thin wood strips, these are a useful and colorful gift for your guests.  The bookmarks themselves may be in a religious shape, such as a dove or cross, and they can be decorated in any manner you’d like.  You may wish to include the date of the Communion, as well as the name of the guest of honor.  If you plan on placing these favors out for all to see, consider using a color scheme that matches your party decorations.

Cookies: Individually wrapped cookies are always a favorite among young and old guests alike.  Whether you choose to make chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar cookies, or even molasses cookies, you’ll want to wrap them in cellophane and tie each one with a brightly colored ribbon.  (You may even lay out a variety of cookies, with each different kind clearly labeled and allow guests to choose the one they would like to take home.)  If you have a photo of the communicant, you may wish to order it as an edible topper for your cookie.

Flower packets: This environmentally friendly and fun favor is perfect for those who love the outdoors.  You can decorate your own envelopes and include a variety of flower seeds inside.  (Have the Communicant choose his or her favorite flowers, and be sure you choose those that bloom during an appropriate season.)  Make sure to provide your guests with planting and care instructions.  Then, when they look out on their beautiful gardens, they will think of the Communion party.

Candy jars: For a delicious treat that guests can display in their own homes, consider creating candy jars for everyone.  Purchase small mason jars (or even reuse those that you already own, such as baby food jars) and decorate them with ribbon, stickers, and paint.  (Be sure that the jars close so that nothing spills in transit.)  Fill each jar with your Communicant’s favorite candy, from M&M’s to gum balls to Skittles.  If possible, choose candy that matches your decoration.  This way, you can place a jar at each table setting (or even in clusters on tables and at the entrance of the party) to add color to the room.