Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

A Dr. Seuss baby shower can be so much fun.  Everyone knows and enjoys the stories by the beloved author, so it is easy to put together a party for your favorite future mommy.  The ideas you are about to see are from students at Ferris State University.  They entered a table top contest and offer some wonderful creations.  The really good professional photographs are from Shannon of Clicking Through Life.

One of the most impressive Dr. Suess treats is the Cat in the Hat Cake.  The levels were made using terracotta pots that were painted red.   The plates were covered with modge podge and sprinkled with glitter.  Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes rested on each level.  What made them especially fun was that they were topped with cotton candy.  According to FSU student Brittany Neff, you will want to put the cotton candy on the cupcakes close to serving to avoid melting.

Generally green eggs and ham do not sound too appetizing, but the creative food artists from Ferris put together a sweet version of this Dr. Seuss classic food.  They used round pretzels as the ham, white chocolate for the egg whites and green M&M’s for the yolk.  The mix of salty and sweet make for a delicious snack.

An easy way to bring Dr. Seuss to your baby shower is to create these easy Jello Cat in the Hat parfaits.  Simply layer strawberry, raspberry or cherry jello with whipped cream.   Start with a thin layer of Jello and alternate with whipped cream.  Place in a clear bowl or glass, so that the visual of Cat in the Hat stripes show through.  Top off the treat with a cherry.

Another easy way to incorporate Dr. Seuss as part of the baby shower is to simply place some Swedish fish into a bowl or glass.  Add a cute sign with the words:  One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.    Chocolate  fish favors are a wonderful way to say thank you to your guests.

Here is my favorite photo because it shows the entire table of Dr. Seuss treats.   You can see some of the additional Seuss treats including Lorax pops and a tea pot with fish crackers.  There is also Hop on Pop Kettle corn placed in a cone showing Dr. Seuss characters.  There is also Yurtle the Turtle turtles candy.    The blue sparkly tablecloth is a colorful backdrop to showcase all of the goodies.

Finally, here are the talented students from the NACE Student Chapter at Ferris State University.

From left to right: Katie Douglas, Chelsea Desmond, Steven Oberloier, Jess Nederhoed, Brianne Staley (lead designer) and Brittany Neff.

Jessica Rando and Jessica Mazzuchelli from Hello Cupcake were not able to attend the event, but participated on the project.

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