Easter Centerpieces

Easter Centerpieces

Easter is over, but it just so happened that I found all of the best centerpieces after the holiday.  What makes them especially nice is that they are easy to create and relatively inexpensive.  Even if you are not naturally gifted in the craft area, you will be successful when making these lovely masterpieces.   Be sure to  file some of these ideas for next year.

This wonderful creation by Kimberly at Mommy Savers is so cute and elegant.  She shares with readers how to incorporate a vase from home with marshmallow peeps.   I love that she used daisies as the flower, as they are bright, cheerful and inexpensive.    This is probably one of the many reasons that her blog is called Mommy Savers.

Jennie from Craft O Manic.com put together a beautiful spring Easter centerpiece with tulips and multicolored jellybeans, edible Easter grass and peeps.  This beauty looks like it was created by a florist. You will have to visit her blog to see how she keeps her tulips hydrated.  She also offers pictorial directions about how to create your own.

Here is another centerpiece created by Flower Duet.com (You can tell that I love Peeps).  This one is made with Gerber daisies and has pink bunny peeps fanning out from the flowers.  I imagine that you can use inexpensive wooden skewers that are often used for kabobs.

OK, the next centerpiece is not something that I know how to create, but you may have some ideas.  If so, please leave me a comment below.  Also by Flower Duet.com,  it is so pretty and perfect for Easter.

How cute are these pastel Easter egg decorations by Kelli and Kristy from Lollyjaneboutique.com.  They are simply pastel candy Smarties glued to eggs.  You will find directions on the site along with lots of other fun creations.

Filler – One of the things that the first three of  these centerpieces have in common is their unique and fun fillers.   The most popular fillers for centerpieces are glass beads or marbles, coffee beans, crinkle paper, stones, jellybeans or other hard round candy.  I have also seen peanuts in the shell and sand used as filler.   You can even used wrapped candy in different shapes to add to any party theme.  The beauty of these fillers is that you have the ability to place items on a stick in a container and have the item stay in place.

I hope this post gave you some ideas for table decorations and centerpieces for next year.  Thank you to the centerpiece artists who allowed me to display their work.  Happy decorating!