Easter Decorations

Easter Decorations

Easter is soon upon us, so if you would like some inspiration for decorations, the following photos should provide some.

Easter Tree Decorations – Economical and earthy, this tree decoration will add a unique touch.  Starting with simple glass vases, beans are added to stabilize the tree branches.    A variety of textures are featured in the variety of beans.  Tree branches extend out of the vases and make the perfect posts to tie cookies in the shape of bunnies.  There also appears to be some children’s art work tied to the branches.  What is nice about this decoration is that you can tie just about any decorations to the branches.

Photo:   avlxyz

Easter Table Decorations – Decorating your table doesn’t have to be extravagant or costly.   As you see in the photo below, the food is the star of the table.  By far the most decorative, the plates of colorful dark greens, eggs and tomatoes look great.  The simple yellow table cloth is dressed up with a square cloth featuring little ducks.  Add foiled bunnies and eggs, flowers,  lamb napkins, and wine, and you have an inviting table.

Decorated Easter Eggs – A popular and inexpensive way to decorate for Easter is with your own colored eggs.    Kids love to die and decorate eggs, not to mention see their creations all  around room.   You can put them in a clear glass bowl or simply place them on your table top for a colorful touch.    If you want to eat the eggs, make sure that they are only out for a short time and store them in the refrigerator for future enjoyment.

Photo: R.B. Boyer