Employee Recognition Awards

Employee Recognition Awards

There is a lot to be say about employee enthusiasm during these challenging times.  One way to contribute to it is to show appreciation to your staff.   Here are some ideas.

Chocolate Statue – Everyone loves chocolate and this unique statue is a fun way to say thank you.

You could also have a work Olympic party and pass out chocolate medals.  Create your own awards for each employee and have some fun with it.   Start by thinking of something very specific and important each staff member has done and make an award for it.

Gift Cards – If  you want to thank individual employees, consider giving them a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant.  You will need to do some digging to find some options.  Do some employees have a Starbucks addition?  What about avid readers in the group?  Do you have employees with kids who could really use a Target gift card?   Does anyone talk about needing a good massage?  There are gift cards for just about anyone.

You can find them at individual stores or if they are large chain stores,  you can buy them all at once at CVS Drug Store or Amazon.com.   Giving personal awards or gifts really show that you are tuned in to what is important to your employees.

Photo Credit:  Graham Milldrum

The Gift of Service:  Everyone struggles to have enough free time, so anything you can do to give your employees more if it the better.  Why not provide a one-time house cleaning service?  How about a free car detailing?  Your thoughtfulness will be much appreciated.

Photo Credit:  Russ Teaches