Family Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Family Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Many families like to give Christmas ornaments as gifts, especially to other family members.  While some prefer buying them others greatly enjoy creating works of art.    We offer some options for both.


If you are on a budget and have a large family, purchasing custom ornaments with a family name is a good choice.  At Cool Party Favors  we offer a variety of options from shatterproof flat personalized family Christmas ornaments at only $2.35 each as well as round balls for only $2.99 each.

Many use these ornaments for summer family reunions as well as offering them as winter holiday party favors.  If you have a family crest, logo or favorite simple design, we can use it to be displayed on the ornament.

Acrylic and glass ball ornaments are also very popular and range in price from $2.99 for the acrylic to $3.50 for the glass one.


Another option is to make ornaments.  This is a tradition in many households.  Whether the beauties are made from clay, wood, or glass, creative families take great pleasure in this type of craft.

If you are looking to make a personalized ornament, but don’t have the crafty gene, you can always buy several of a plain generic ornament with a smooth texture and write the name of the family on each one.  You could also get even more personal and write the first name of each gift recipient on the ornament.   Here is an image of someone who did just that about 20 years ago.   The photo is by JD Hancock and can be found on Flickr.

Being that old, there is a bit of wear and tear when it comes to name, but no doubt it is treasured none the less because it reminds them of the person who created it.

There are also ornament kits that are especially fun for children to assemble and paint.  The fewer the pieces within the kit, the easier it is to put together.

Photo Credit: alvimann

Finally if you do have the crafty gene, the sky is the limit.  Many people purchase clear glass ball ornaments and fill them with light objects, like yarn or sand.  Painting items in nature, like pine cones, is also popular.

My friend had the great idea of making sachets with a holiday patterned fabric and adding a string to them.  They made fun ornaments and made the house smell very nice.

If you have any ideas for making your own ornaments, please leave a comment, as our readers would love more ideas.