First Communion Cake and Sweets

First Communion Cake and Sweets

A First Holy communion is a beautiful and blessed event.  Roberta from Festa X DECOR created a lovely first communion party befitting the purity of the occasion, for little Rafael. We thank her for sharing the pictures of the beautiful cake and sweet table with us.

The intimate reception is a feast for the eyes in pure white, subtly complemented with gold overtones throughout the décor. The spread was simple, yet smooth. Crystal and white porcelain added to the elegance and it looked stylish. Punctuated selectively with brown and orange, the entire setting looked delicate and exuded purity.

The spread was cleverly organized into two zones that showcased every element beautifully. The choice of a distressed wood table for the main buffet enhanced the clarity of the white. With the arrangement spread out over the table and spaced appropriately, every item was highlighted beautifully. Adding to the charm of the arrangement is the breathtaking view behind it. The location couldn’t be planned better.

Main buffet: Every component of this table has been carefully selected and placed  uniquely. The whole arrangement is well balanced and looks very neat. The cake in the centre is brought into focus by exactly similar arrangements on either side. The placement of dishes at different levels was a brilliant idea to bring each element into view.

The artificial flower arrangement was one of a kind! The plain white flowers were contrasted by the bright orange petals in the vase and the sharp lines of the elongated glass vase added an element of sophistication to the whole design.

With perfect attention to detail, this pristine white tray of party favors has been executed beautifully. Pure white wrapping is held in place by shiny satin ribbons and individual pendants in gold. It is a perfect reflection of the rest of the décor.

The cake is a flawless sculpture with soft white icing specked with small detailing in white and gold. The floating doves with gold wings add a divine charm and the golden cross aptly stands out in significance of the occasion.

Tall jars with macaroons coated in white and gold look heavenly and welcoming, they make a perfect addition to the spread.

The individual deserts look like little jewels. Smothered in chocolate sprinkles or crusted with pearl decorations, they look extremely tempting. Add to it the mesh petal cases they are placed in, they are floral perfection and look too good to eat.

The same design flows to the second table and is brought into the spotlight on a tiered stand that makes the layout all the more exquisite.

The beautiful white cake stand and the chalice with macaroons resembling gold coins, placed on a flowing net against the panoramic view, complete the setting. The holy cross and rosary effortlessly blend into the design.

The whole design is one of beauty and bliss, commemorating a blessed event!  Thanks once again to Roberta for sharing this experience with us!