First Communion Cakes and Cupcakes

First Communion Cakes and Cupcakes

Photo:  Bakerella

Guests  generally look forward to First Communion cakes, so it is important to think about the type, shape and flavor of your delicious dessert.

Type of Cake: A standard sheet cake is probably the most popular type of cake because it tends  to be inexpensive and tasty.  You can either bake and decorate your own cake or purchase one from a local bakery.   If you are looking to save money,  the warehouse store Costco sells sheet cakes  cheaper than the cost of all of the ingredients needed to bake one.

While most bakeries provide personalized decoration, you can always do this yourself by using a clear plastic bag with frosting.  Simply fill the bag and cut a small corner on one side.  This small area is the hole where the frosting will come out.  Practice writing on a paper plate before you work on the cake.  You can also purchase communion favors as cake toppers or embellishments like  a standing cross or chalice.  Photo: Linzi’s Cakes

Photo:  akeg

Communion Cupcakes: – These individual treats are making a comeback because they are so easy to distribute and make such a beautiful presentation.   Pull apart cakes are also made of cupcakes, but frosted together to create a single cake.

Photo: Cake Fiction

If you would like cupcakes with simple decorations, just use cupcake picks,  as shown in My Catholic Kitchen. Cupcake wraps are also a possibility and can be found on many websites.

Here are some with a fancy presentation by Cheryl at Sew Can Do:

Cross Cakes:   Cross cakes can be very easy to make by simply baking a rectangular cake and cutting into the shape of a cross.  If  you don’t wish to waste any cake, you can cut the rectagular cake down the middle lengthwise, making two long pieces.  Cut one of these pieces in half and place one on each side of the other long half.  Trim the shorter pieces to resemble a cross.  Wilton also sells an inexpensive cross cake pan.    Here is a template that will help you:  Cross Cake Template.

Top Photo: ibordenz, Bottom Photo: jakeprzespo

Decoration Ideas: The cupcake shown below by Dream Day Cakes® incorporates a chalice into the design.

Flavor: While most communion cakes are either a vanilla, marble or chocolate cake with a butter cream frosting, you can get as simple or exotic as you wish.  This 1st Communion cake shown below is an example of a specialty cake with a personalized chocolate disc.   Making or purchasing small cakes with a variety of flavors is another option, especially if the cakes will be used as centerpieces.