Garden Christening Party

Garden Christening Party

Garden parties are casual and fun, and this was the vibe Hannah’s parents wanted at her Christening celebration. Abbey Ayeh of Pretty Posh Events was in charge of the event, and she did a remarkable job putting together a chic party in their own beautiful backyard. Join us as we take a look at this splendid event.

The pleasant color palette of the dessert buffet has pink, white and gray in it. Delicious desserts are neatly lined up on a glittering silver table cover, with elegant floral arrangements that complete the effect beautifully. The cake in white, features a silver cross and Hannah’s name spelled out on tiny pink blocks. On either side of it are silver candy jars with pretty pink bows, and cupcakes with luscious frosting. A platter of cookies sits beside the arrangement of milk chocolates with custom candy wrappers.


The dinner tables are fantastic with fluttering leaf taffeta linens that contrast with the white chairs and serve-ware. The luscious floral centerpiece formed of pink, red, white and silver blooms is simply amazing.


I love this idea of placing personalized favor note books on the dinner plate, at each place setting. The gray stripe design and pink and white label on it, matches with the overall theme seamlessly.


Tying the silverware and gray napkin together, is a personalized gray and white striped napkin ring. The fluttering pink butterfly resting on it, adds a touch of excitement to the simple arrangement.


I think the combination of textures on this table is simply stunning! Polished white china shines in the midst of rippling pink leaves, even as the bounty of flowers softly completes the perfect décor.


More fluttering friends grace the party with their presence. Don’t you think the pink butterflies that line up on white paper lanterns are beautiful décor elements?


Mini water bottles are customized with gray and white stripe labels and a pink ribbon in the center. What a simple,but impressive arrangement!


Abbey has used the same design we saw on the bottle labels and favor notebooks, to customize the milk chocolate wrappers. It is these tasteful personal touches that make this party extra-special and memorable.


On the dessert table is a tray of decorated cookies, in a variety of designs. Done in the central party theme colors are picture perfect princess crowns, butterflies and inviting ice cream cones.


Simple, but elegant, the diamond-embossed cake in white has a pink fondant bow running along the center, and a glittering holy cross that is just right for this divine celebration. On the top are adorable pink blocks that spell out “Hannah”, and a rippling bright pink flower in the center.



Delightful chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, with a luscious swirl of pink and white frosting, beckon the guests to sweet indulgence. Behind the row of sweet treats are flowers in glass vases. Silver candy jars with pink satin bows contain candies wrapped in silver and pink foil. These delicious treats for the kids at the party, are a beautiful addition to the chic buffet table.

Altogether, this was a delightful party, perfect for this milestone celebration in a little girl’s life! I think Abbey did a brilliant job organizing this party, and I am sure Hannah and her parents agree with me!