Giving Bombonieres for a Wedding or Baptism

Giving Bombonieres for a Wedding or Baptism

The customary guest gift in Italian and Greek cultures for either a wedding or baptism is called Bomoniere also known as Boubouniera, Bouboniera or Bonboniere.

In most cases it consists of Jordan almonds wrapped in tulle or a decorative box.   This tradition has been expanded to include just about any type of favor, however, the most popular is still five wrapped Jordan almonds. The number five is significant for weddings, as it symbolizes health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life. We will look at Bomboniere supplies, and discover how to make these pretty and delicious favors.

It couldn’t be easier to give Jordan almond favors, as there are so many beautiful boxes available. They come ready-made and you simply fill them with candy.

Jordan almonds also known as sugared almonds or Koufta, come in a variety of colors. The pastel and matte color candy are the most popular.  Metallic silver or gold are very pretty, however, they can cost 4 to 5 times more than the matte colors. You can order single colors of candy or assorted by the pound.  It might be worthwhile to order just one pound to see how the almond s taste and see how many will fit in the favors you are considering. Ordering from a company or store that turns over a lot of product is the best way to go, as you know that the candy will be fresh.

Many brides like to use a color that matches their wedding color scheme. While those who are hosting a baptism generally choose pastel pink or blue, depending upon the sex of the baby.

Tulle – If you wish to create the entire traditional Bomboniere, you will want to use tulle, almonds, ribbon and any embellishments. The cheapest tulle I found was on Ebay.  Scalloped edge or simple tulle circles tend to have the best prices, while tulle with a satin edge or a fabric pattern cost more. The nine inch circles come in a variety of colors.

If you happen to be particularly crafty, you may consider making Jordan Almond Flowers, where each of the five almonds is a petal.  There are some great videos on You Tube to help you create them.  Just search Google for the term “How to Make Jordan Almond Flowers.”  There are a few extra supplies to get like floral tape, rose leaves, almond holders, and ribbon, but the results are quite pretty.