Grad Party Favors

Grad Party Favors

Sending guests home with unique grad party favors is a challenge.  We have some graduation party favors ideas for items that your guests will  enjoy.  Some of our favorites are also great table decorations:

Personalized Graduation Favors Trinket Holder – This can be used by guest to store small items or jewelry.  It comes customized with a name date and graduation graphic.  Many party hosts fill the glass up with small candy like jelly beans or M & M’s.

Graduation Decorations Centerpieces – This is a great item because it serves as table decorations, a centerpiece, and favors for your guests.  it is a centerpiece with outstretched gold hangers.  At the end of each of them is a freshly baked, hand-decorated cookie.    What a functional and delicious graduation favor idea.

Graduation Favors Ideas – Theme Mug – This sturdy mug is made from hard plastic.  It has a compartment at the bottom with graduation theme decorations.   Used for holding everything from pencils to other small items, this favor will last a very long time allowing your guests to remember your graduation long after the party.

Graduation Keepsakes Glass Globe – If you are looking to give an elegant gift that will look good in anyone’s house, this pretty glass globe makes the grade.    This favor is ideal for party themes like “The World is Yours, Graduate” or  “Earth Day”  or “International Traveler”.

Graduation Party Ideas 2013 Cookies – These yummy sugar cookies are baked to order.  You can request your school colors be incorporated into the frosting.  You can also make your own round sugar cookies and decorate them with 2011 using a thin tube of frosting.    Wrap them individually so that guests can easily take them home.