Graduation Cakes

Graduation Cakes

I love eating and looking at unique cakes.  Hopefully this post will provide some graduation cake ideas when you either make or purchase one.

Round White Graduation Cake – ANY cake can be turned into a graduation cake simply by adding a decorative cap, diploma and personalized flat chocolate piece.    OK, so maybe they spelled Congratulations wrong..It still is a beautiful cake.

Photo:  Lauren Holloway

Chocolate Graduation Cake – Most party hosts opt for a white sheet cake with white icing.  While they are generally decorative, consider a chocolate grad cake.  The one shown below looks fantastic, especially with the strawberries around the border.  I want a piece now.

Photo:  Iyla

School Spirit Cake – Give a bit of your school to each guest by outlining the letter or letters that best represent your high school, college or university.   Use a stencil and practice your letters on a white paper plate before actually attempting to decorate your cake.

Photo:  juliadwright

Unique Graduation Cakes – What a fantastic idea for a cake.  You will see a photo of the new graduate in kindergarten and the next as a graduate.  You can create a cake like this yourself by using a special rice paper which is a starch-based confection that is edible.  The paper and ink are compatible with most printers.  You can find this by doing a search for “rice paper” “edible paper” or  “edible ink.”

Photo:  bsabarnowl

Occupation Cake – The cake below is in the shape of the top of doctor’s scrubs.   It is also decorated with items doctors or nurses would use.  You can take this idea and bake a graduation cake based on the profession of the new grad.

Photo: srizki