Graduation Centerpiece Ideas

Graduation Centerpiece Ideas

Graduation parties are all about saying congratulations. Table graduation centerpieces really add the festive atmosphere.

The design of your centerpiece will depend upon the type of party you are having. Many new graduates select a theme like beach, rock and roll, sports and any other special interest or hobby. Centerpieces can support your theme or just dress up the tables. This lens will give you some ideas about making or buying unique, personalized, handmade, and inexpensive centerpieces.

Some of the most popular types of centerpieces, that can be used for any theme, are photo centerpieces. Incorporating photos in a frame, pot, or collage really make the event a personal one by celebrating the new graduate. Ideas include posting current as well as past photos, even baby pictures.  Here are some wonderful grad decorations created by Sharon of Papyrus Charm:

Here are some general tips for creating a graduation centerpiece:

1. Start with a base – This can be a glass mug, clear glass cup, tall glass cylinder, bucket, pail or basket.
2. Add filler – This filler has to be granular, so that it can hold the contents of the centerpiece. Ideas include jelly beans, coffee beans, peanuts, legumes like dried kidney, split peas, cranberry beans, or glass gems.
3. Add a stick – Whether this is
4. Add decoration – Add decorative items and attach to the stick. Ideas include photos, graduation caps, the graduation year,or school mascot.