Graduation Party Centerpiece

Graduation Party Centerpiece

If you are looking to create the perfect graduation centerpiece, a photo creation is a great bet.   You can use any types of photos from when the grad was a baby up until the present day.    The thing to consider when making a centerpiece is the interests of the new graduate.    This will help you to determine the types of decoration that will accompany the photos.

The photos below show close-up images of centerpieces created by Jessica, owner of Starr Design.  They were designed for her sister, who has an interest in film. She created photo holders out of wire and displayed a variety of photos of her sister shooting film.

Just about everything was home made. She purchased and painted wood stars from Michaels, made button flowers, and designed round personalized tags. Another unique touch was the use of actual film as ribbon that was placed around the pot. Purchase some 20 gauge wire, as Jessica recommended, and twist it as shown. Place photos of the graduation within the twisted top part.

You will notice some shiny filler within the pots; they are mints wrapped in gold.  This makes the centerpiece not only great to view, but functional as well.  The photos are double sided, so wherever you happen to be at the table, you get a great view of the grad and his or her interest area.   Simply use double stick tape on the back of the two photos.   If you are looking for detailed step by step instructions, click here for a full account of how Jessica created these personalized and fun centerpieces.

As you can see the centerpieces had a film theme, but you can use all of these ideas for any theme.  Just vary the wooden shape decorations.    The Hobby Lobby seems to have the best variety of wooden shapes from peace signs and musical notes to snowflakes, you are sure to find something that represents the interest of your new grad.  They also have wooden adhesive back alphabet circles, so you can attach two together with a stick in between.  They also have plain wooden circles which you can use to paint on any theme you desire.  Finally there is a triangle wood banner that can be used as a school pennant.

You don’t necessarily need to have a theme to your centerpiece.  Another option is to make a simpler version by purchasing a clay pot with inexpensive planted flowers. Twist some 20 gauge wire as shown and place photos within the wire.