Graduation Themes

Graduation Themes

To make your graduation party stand out from the others, consider having a theme to the party.  Although the ideas for themes can be endless, consider any of the following:

  • A Bon Voyage Party: As though you were sending someone off on a trip, send the graduate on to the next step of their life journey.  The invitations can be designed to look like tickets to a cruise ship, or even airline tickets.  Then, for decorations, create the feeling that one is about to board a ship.  Include blue decorations on the walls, as though you were bordered by the sea, and decorate the floor as though it were the planks of a dock.  Also include life preservers and suitcases throughout the room.

  • Luau theme: What better way to celebrate a graduation than an outdoor party?  Greet guests to the luau by placing brightly colored leis around their necks.  Then, offer foods that may be found at a luau.  Pineapple boats filled with fruit are always a guest favorite.  You can also place skewers with chicken, shrimp, or beef and vegetables on a tray for guests to enjoy.  As centerpieces on each table, consider bouquets of tropical flowers in bold arrays of color.

  • Disco party: If you’re planning on having an evening party, you can have a disco party with celebratory music.  Ask guests to wear clothing suitable for dancing, and have someone serve as a DJ for the evening.  Next, create a dance floor and hang a disco ball (or place one on the center of the floor).  Hold dance competitions.  Everything from the hokey pokey to break dancing is acceptable.  Then offer awards to winners, particularly if the awards can be used in college.  Consider offering personalized soaps, magnets, or picture frames as prizes, even just for participating.

Sports theme: If your son or daughter was a high school athlete, consider a sports themed party.  Create a dessert table with cookies in the shape of footballs, baseballs, and tennis balls.  Also offer cupcakes with various decorative tops, from a basketball hoop to a golf club.  Throughout the room, hang enlarged photographs of the graduate participating in the sports he or she has loved over the years.  Place a table near the entrance to the party, and load it with the graduate’s awards, medals, newspaper articles and ribbons. You may encourage guests to play friendly games, such as badminton, volleyball, or, for smaller children, set up a game of kickball in the yard.