Green and White Wedding Reception Decorations

Green and White Wedding Reception Decorations

For an elegant green and white wedding reception, here some ideas to help you create beautiful decorations for your tables.  The reception table shown in this post was created by students at Michigan State University at a tabletop competition sponsored by the National Academy of Catering Executives.   These talented students, also known as “Spartans” showed their school spirit using green and white as to guide the design.     Photos are by Shannon of Clicking Through Life.

Green and White Table: From a practical standpoint, the decorations are of different heights, which allow the guests to see each other allowing for easier conversation.  The simple white tablecloth and chair covers add elegance to the room and showcase the greenery.

The candelabras add height and interest  and they are placed on the sides of each tables, where there are no place settings.

Green Flowers and Plants:  Selecting a green and white wedding theme makes it so easy to decorate because there are so many white flower options and just about every bloom has green leaves.

Michigan State Wedding:  A card showing a “S” for Spartans is enveloped by the napkin.  This is a subtle way to incorporate the school into the decorations.  The beautiful green chargers are also a nice touch.

Other green and white wedding table decoration ideas include:

  • Flowers in Mason jars: There are any number of white flowers available, from roses to lilies to daisies.  (There are also many wildflowers if your wedding is environmentally conscious.)  You can place small bouquets of these flowers in mason jars, which allow the green color from the stems to show through.  Then tie a green ribbon around each jar for the finishing touch.
  • Vases with Fruit: Set large glass vases in the center of the gift table (and the entry table, if you have one) and fill them with various fruits (either real or fake).  Green fruits to consider include apples, pears, and grapes.  Then you can add small white flowers, pearls, or white stones to fill in the areas between the fruits.  This will help pull the color scheme of the entire wedding together.
  • Floating Candles: Either throughout the room, particularly near the dance floor, or on each of the guest tables, arrange a few martini glasses in a circle or small triangle.  Then fill each one with water mixed with green food coloring.  Next, place a floating candle (or two, depending on the size of the candles) in each glass.  Remember that your local craft store should have plain, bell shaped, or even floral shaped candles.  Finally, you may wish to put green and white drink charms around the stems of the glasses to complete the look.