Halloween Creepy Drink with a Hand Ice Cube

Halloween Creepy Drink with a Hand Ice Cube

Are you looking for an easy and delicious way to scare guests at a Halloween party?  Try serving red (blood) punch with an ice hand coming from the bowl.

What you need:

1.  Food Handlers Gloves – These are plastic, similar to thin zip lock bags.  They run about $3.00 for a couple hundred of them.  Even if you have to buy a whole box, they are wonderful to use when handling meat.
2.  Your favorite punch recipe using a red type of juice or fruit punch.

Making the Hand:

1.  Pour water from the sink into the plastic glove.  Make sure that there are no leaks in the bag.
2.  Twist the bag at the bottom and secure  it with a twist tie or rubber band.
3.  Place your “hand bag” in the freezer until it becomes solid.
4.  When frozen, run the frozen hand under warm water to loosen the bag.  Be sure that the plastic is completely loose and there are no trapped pieces in the folds.  (You don’t want plastic in the punch.)
5.  Place the hand on a towel that has been folded, so as to provide a cushion.  Carefully cut the plastic off.    I made the mistake of taking off the plastic on a hard counter surface and broke two ice  fingers.

Recommendation: Freeze three orfour ice hands, just in case you make a mistake.  You can also position the hands depending upon the shape that you want.  I put one over frozen veggies to experiment.  (I am thinking as I am typing this that  you are noticing  that I really need to get a life.)

The Punch:

There are many different punch recipes available, including the one used in the post showing the original idea.  The key is to use a drink that is red in color.  Cranberry or cherry juices are the most natural.  However you can use Hawaiian Punch or Red High-C.    Other punch ingredients include a clear lemon/lime or citrus pop like Sprite or 7up.  Ginger ale is also a popular addition.

Most punch recipes also have a Sherbet  ice ring.  Maybe you can fill the plastic hand bag up with melted orange or green sherbet for a creepy look.

The Bowl:

Use a large punch bowl, so that the ice hand doesn’t take up all of the space.  I used a small flat bowl,  just to show off the hand, but a punch bowl will make it look much creepier.  If you are bringing this drink to a party, I would take out the hand at the last minute and assemble the punch at the host’s party.  This will avoid too much melting.