Hollywood Birthday Party

Hollywood Birthday Party

For movie lovers and star wannabes, the Hollywood birthday party is the perfect theme that will surely suit their glamorous preferences. If you want your upcoming birthday party to have a celebrity twist, Mary of  Chic Style Events has some wonderful ideas that you might want to consider.

Dessert Table – Make your dessert table as fabulous as the usual banquets that you can see in those topnotch movies. Mary organized all the sweet treats in a symmetrical manner,  placing the  Hollywood star cake in the center, and arranging elegantly the rest of the containers and plates of sweets around it.  The gold stands and buckets as well as the clear jars with candy really dressed up the table.

Cupcakes – If you are tired of your usual cupcakes, take your birthday party to the next level by adorning your cupcakes with glamorous pictures of your favorite celebrities.  You can paste the pictures in circular gold paper cut outs, attach them to a stick, then, place them at the center of each cupcake.

Cookies – A Hollywood celebrity deserves equally fascinating cookies, and for your Hollywood themed birthday party, you might want to shape your cookies into golden stars sprinkled with chocolate dust to emphasize their corners.

Cake – What is a birthday without a cake? Your Hollywood birthday party will definitely become the talk of the town if it is anything like the one Chic Style Events displays. With a golden star adorning the top, the following simple black, white, and yellow motif cake is surely a celebrity all on its own. With the ruffled icing design at the very bottom layer, the unique design that is similar to that of the film roller used in cinemas for showing movies is bound to captivate the attention of any onlooker. At the top is the design of the wheel of the roller and from there, a roll of pictures is flowing down to the bottom layer of the cake.

Cake Pops – The equally irresistible cake pops made from pure chocolate will surely be gone before you know it. Made into a simple ball shape the size of a ping pong ball, the cake pops can be individually placed in martini glasses or together on a single plate.

Awards – So that your guests will also feel like stars, you might want to use Oscar-inspired trophies that you can award to winners of some categories, such as “Best Dressed Couple.”

The overall motif of your Hollywood birthday party theme can stick to the colors black, white, and yellow/gold that will give a touch of elegance and sophistication to your event.  Thanks to Chic Style Events for allowing me to display these wonderful photos.  There are plenty more party ideas on their website.

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