Hollywood Party Ideas

Hollywood Party Ideas

In planning your Hollywood theme party, keep in mind that it should be all about luxury and entertainment. Follow these simple guidelines for throwing the perfect Hollywood party for your friends and neighbors:

Entry: As with any award show or premier, the entry to your party is a big deal. Consider having a red carpet guide guests to the door. Then, have a large prop (perhaps the Hollywood sign or even a star from the Walk of Fame) or a balloon archway greet them just before they walk into the main room. Place someone in this area to take pictures. If they’re digital, you can have them displayed on screens throughout the party, and guests can print them to take home as souvenirs.

Appetizers: Fancy looking food is ideal for a Hollywood themed party (even if it’s easy to make!) Bruschetta is always a favorite, and it’s not a complicated dish to prepare for large numbers of people. You can put a twist on the traditional recipe and add brie or citrus fruits. Then offer guests a variety of bread options, from flavored crackers to toasted French bread. Whatever you choose, serve guests on disposable plates in gold or silver (to minimize clean up) with accompanying silverware and napkins. Remember you can order personalized cocktail napkins on various websites, which will add to the special treatment your guests will receive.

Hollywood Centerpieces: Stick to your color theme with the centerpieces, while still contributing to the atmosphere of your party. For instance, if you’ve chosen silver and gold, consider having a miniature Academy award in the center of each table. You may even personalize these with the date of your party, or you can have specific awards listed and have guests vote on who should receive each one. (You may wish to turn this into a game for your party.) Or, you may have a black and silver clapboard on the tables, surrounding it with red and white flowers.  A way to incorporate your centerpieces and favors is to get movie cookies and surround a large clap board frame with them.  Movie place cards holders will also dress up your tables.

Green Room: Let guests know where they can escape the party for a little break or more private conversations. Call this comfortable area the “Green Room”, and have drinks and appetizers from the party on smaller tables in this room as well. (Although this room does not need to have a door, try to make it slightly quieter than the rest of the party.) Be sure it’s extremely comfortable, with fluffy pillows and large couches. Ask guests to take pictures with disposable cameras that you place throughout the room.

Hollywood Party Favors – Leave your guests with a treat to take home to serve as a memory of your bash.  Items include:  custom glassware, frames, personalized mint tins, or any homemade treat placed in a Hollywood theme bag.