Hollywood Party

Hollywood Party

Hollywood-theme parties are always in style, and Stacy Tucker of Sugar Crush executed a fantastic party that brought this theme to life. Come along! It’s time to indulge in the glitz and glam at this “Dining under the stars” party at Temple City.

Inspired by the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, Stacy lined the walkway to the venue with pink terrazzo stars featuring the names of Hollywood celebrities on a charcoal base. It may not be the same thing as walking across the original Walk of Fame. Nevertheless, the experience is as good as it can possibly be.

These bamboo director chairs are synonymous with Hollywood motion picture shoots, and are the perfect tribute to the directors behind the scenes, who used and continue to use them. I love the little details, like the bags below the chair, the golden megaphone placed beside it, the movie wheels and the glamorous red feather scarf, which are all timeless icons of Hollywood movie sets.

Wasn’t it a great idea to set the director’s chair against a bush of blooming roses? The bling star, shimmery megaphone cutout and vivid red scarf look vibrant in the natural green background. It reminds us of a real movie location, and couldn’t be more original.

The giant popcorn cut out is in itself an attractive invite for a food stall, but the display is further decked up in movie style with accessories like the movie wheel, Walk of Fame star and the clapperboard. The green leaves and bright pink flowers vying for attention, add a classic elegance to the pleasant arrangement.

This food station for El Super Burrito Jr. is tastefully decorated with a clapperboard, megaphone and movie wheel. There is also the pink terrazo Walk of Fame star, a pearl necklace and a glittering smaller star to complete the effect. The shining accents used in the décor add a touch of glamour to the black and green that are part of the arrangement.

The guests at the event have an eclectic mix of food to choose from. The artistically decorated food stations feature leading food restaurants in Temple City, including Cafe Roule and Pino’s place. The service included popular and gourmet food delicacies, with a range of choices to suit every palette.

The cafe style seating is perfect for the outdoor setting, and allowed the guests to enjoy the entertainment conducted in the gazebo. The stage is aesthetically decorated with black and gold curtains and large shimmery stars.

The centerpieces feature a clapperboard beside a Shooting Star trophy. These are placed on an attractive gold star with shiny red and gold designs adding textural finesse to the overall design.

Another centerpiece has a golden man in a tux, in place of the shooting star. The rest of the design remains the same.  A star flying above the trophy forms the place holder, and displays a Hollywood icon as the table name.

It goes without saying that the event was a huge hit, and the ambiance Stacy created with her fantastic ideas had a huge role to play in it. Kudos to Stacy and her team!

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