Housewarming Party Favors

Housewarming Party Favors

Giving housewarming party favors is a nice touch to thank guests for coming to your get-together.    It shows that you appreciate that they are sharing in the celebration of your new house and new beginnings.    Here are some ideas for items you can give to guests as they leave the party.

1. Key Bottle Opener – It is often hard to find a favor that is both practical and fits with the house party theme.  This bottle opener does both and will get used by your guests.

2.  Chocolate Paint Brush – This is especially fun for a house that has needed a lot of work or renovation.

3. Toll House Cookies – Why not whip up a batch of  homemade Nestlie’s Toll “House”  cookies?  You probably know that the recipe is on  back of the Nestlie chocolate chip bag, but here is a link for you.   You can’t fail when making them, unless you keep them in the oven too long.     If you are short on time, you can always purchase the ready-made dough in the refrigerated section of your local grocery store.   Put a few treats in a colorful bag and you will have a welcome favor.  It wouldn’t hurt to make plenty of extra cookies and serve them at your party.

4.  House Cookies – Buying or making cookies in the shape of a house, “for sale” sign, key or anything related to a new home is a fun way to create favors for your guests.   There are lots of shaped cookie cutters available.  Here is one with the shape of a house.  It makes a generous size cookie as well.  You can decorate the house cookies in the colors of your actual house and even list an address.

5.  Chocolate Key – An act of honoring someone is to give them the key to a city.  Well, a chocolate key will be much more appreciated for the thought and the taste.

6. Homemade Canned and Bottled Treats – Friends and family always appreciate homemade items, so if you have a talent for making jam, hot sauces rubs, or any other food, you have the perfect favor.