Indian Return Gifts

Indian Return Gifts

Gift giving is synonymous with Indian culture, and every joyous function involves exchange of gifts between the hosts and the guests. Whether it is a house-warming party, wedding, bridal shower, birthday party, festival like Diwali, or the naming ceremony of a baby, Indian hosts always make use of the opportunity to return gifts to their guests. This is not only to convey their happiness on the occasion, but also as a special gesture to honor their guests for their presence and participation.

Return gifts make everyone happy, and those with an ethnic touch feel extra-special. As all Indian functions are closely tied to ancient symbolism and the rich and colorful heritage of the country, it is only befitting that the return gifts for these celebrations reflect the same effect. Brilliant hues and dazzling metallic colors as well as symbolic motifs and Indian patterns are charming when incorporated into a gift.

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While the aesthetic value of the gift is important, it is even more endearing when the return gift has a functional value as well. This is why you should consider beautiful glass coasters, bottle openers, ring holders, compact mirrors and keychains as your Indian party favors. But the most popular Indian style return gifts are those that are personalized in a special way. Simply add your name and the details of the celebration, or pack it into a personalized pouch or box to impress your guests with a unique gift.

The Hindu God Ganesha is an indispensable part of all traditional Hindu celebrations, and return gifts featuring representations of this holy figure are ideal to wish your guests luck and prosperity. Go with golden Ganesh ring holders or mint tins with custom Ganesh print labels for innovative and interesting gifts with ethnic flavor.

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The peacock is particularly popular in Indian culture, and any gift that includes this symbol of Indian culture will be well-received. So wheter it is a party box for mithai with a peacock feather print or a golden peacock, it is bound to be a big party hit.

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